One to watch for the future

Charlotte Keates's work is interdisciplinary, meta-textual – serene, airy landscapes that shock the viewer with ‘more than the eye can see, more than the ear can hear’, evermore settings, corners and aspects ‘waiting to be explored’.

These are environments that suggest, technically as well as artistically, indistinct human activity and motion. If, as Kevin Lynch argues in his essay The Image of the City (1960), architecture is ‘construction in space’ and therefore a ‘temporal art’, then Keates’s paintings, replete with geometric and trapezoidal imagery, are the artist fracticalising the no-less concrete practice of the architect.

Charlotte’s recent exhibitions include the London Art Fair with Arusha Gallery, where Keates sold all 35 paintings and as a result has a waiting list of over 100 collectors. She has shown work at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Lynn Painter Stainers Prize and a solo show titled ‘Sojourn’, held at Arusha Gallery in May 2017. The solo exhibition showcased a body of work inspired by a 3-month trip around North America, completed the previous summer.

Selected Exhibitions
2019  Pulse Miami with Arusha Gallery
2019  London Art Fair with Arusha Gallery
2018  The Kennedy Trip, Pulse Contemporary Art Fair, Miami

2018  Grid Works, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh
2018  LA Summer, The Lights are Much Brighter There, Arusha Edinburgh
2018  London Art Fair with Arusha Gallery
2018  The Columbia Threadneedle Prize: Figurative Art Today, Mall Galleries
2015  Edinburgh Art Fair with Arusha Gallery
2015  Manchester Art Fair with Arusha Gallery
2015  Bristol Art Fair with Arusha Gallery
2015  Liverpool Art Fair with Arusha Gallery

Collections Held
Charlotte Keates' work is held in private collections around the world. Some of which include Lord Mervyn Davies of Abersoch (Chairman of the Trustees of the Royal Academy) and Robert Suss (Frank Suss Collection and Chair of the Patrons at the Royal Academy of Arts).