The UK's leading figurative sculptor

David started sculpting as a child and made his first sale, his A Level plaster figure, before he left school. He attributes his early career start to a helpful teacher who “was a painter by practice but a sculptor by inclination”. On leaving school, David sought out a classical training in Florence under the legendary octogenarian drawing teacher, Nerina Simi. From there he went on to be an apprentice wood carver and then joined a community of marble carvers in Pietresanta beneath the Carrara Mountains. It was a chance encounter with a girl sitting on a pillar that planted the seed of inspiration that would later flower into his signature style. David soon realised that the restrictions of carving were not for him and he returned to London to attend the Sir John Cass School of Art.

On 6th June 2019 David’s biggest project to date, the D-Day Sculpture, was unveiled in Normandy above Gold beach by the President of France and the Prime Minister. The piece of work has been physically and emotionally challenging, both in scale and because of its importance. It was imperative that the sculpture encapsulated the true essence of comradeship, leadership, energy and endeavour and does justice to the 22,442 British soldiers who died during the Normandy Campaign.

The unveiling was followed by an exhibition at the Portland Gallery in London. The bronze sculptures at the exhibition are the preparation for the completed work and conclusion of the concept for the final sculpture. The D-Day Sculpture Maquette also featured at the exhibition. It shows the final choice of three soldiers which were chosen by David to be the finished sculpture.

Key Exhibitions

2019  Portland Gallery, London
2014  Portland Gallery, London
2012 The Masterpiece Exhibition, London
2012  The Albany Gallery, Cardiff, Wales
2008  The Secret Garden Exhibition, Dublin
2007  The Rarity Gallery, Mykonos, Greece
2007  Oriel Plas, Glyn-y-Weddw, Wales
2006  Albany Gallery, Cardiff, Wales
2006  Villa D’Este, Como, Italy
2005   XVA Gallery, Dubai, U.A.E
2003   Uncovered, Robert Bowman Gallery, London
1999   La Verand’ Anne, Gstaad
1999  The Bank of Ireland, Dublin
1999  Cadogan Contemporary, London
1997  Marcos Bledel Gallery, Santiago
1997  Marcos Bledel Gallery, Buenos Aires
1997  Parvis Sigaroudinia, Belfast
1996  La Cymaise, Paris
1996  Sladmore Gallery, London - Penelope and Odysseus
1995  Sladmore Gallery, London
1993  Plas Glyn-y-Weddw, Wales
1993  The Deities, Tatsumi Collection, St James’, London
1993  Mitsukoshi Department Store, Osaka, Japan
1991  Cadogan Contemporary, London
1990  Contemporary Sculpture Centre, Tokyo, Japan
1989  Tom Caldwell Gallery, Belfast
1988  Cadogan Contemporary, London
1987  Otter Gallery, Belfast
1987  Gail Feingarten, Los Angeles
1987  National Trust Foundation for Art, Thos Agnew and Sons
1986  Fiona Whitney Group Show, Los Angeles
1985  Fiona Whitney, Los Angeles
1985  Young Artists Exhibition, Thos Agnew and Sons, London
1981  Le Robinson Gallery, Paris

Selected Commissions in Bronze

Lawrence of Arabia
In 2013 Williams-Ellis was commissioned to sculpt an over life size bronze of T.E. Lawrence to commemorate the 125th anniversary of his birth to be displayed at Snowdon Lodge, Lawrence’s birthplace.
Ray Gravell “Grav”
Commissioned in 2008 the 10-ton statue now stands outside the south stand of the Prac Y Scarlets stadium.

Other Commissions

Henry Harper-Crewe and Lord Vernon, The National Trust
Trevor Clay, The Royal College of Nurses
Robert Willett
The Hon Edward Fairfax
The Duchess of Abercorn
Ladies Tamara and Edwina Grosvenor
Lord Shuttleworth, The National Trust
Duncan MacLaren
Otis, Isaac, Tara and Merlin Ferry
Lord Aberconway, Bodnant House.
Lord Glamis, Glamis Castle
The Lord St. Oswald, Nostell Priorty, The National Trust.
Sir David Butter
Lord Ballyedmond
Simon Cadbury
Desmond Thompson, Queens University, Belfast
Camilla Baring
Sir Richard Brooke
Nicholas Durlacher, L.I.F.F.E.
Professor Barry O’Donnell, The Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin
Lord Soulsby, The Royal College of Vetinarary Surgeons, Belfast
Gordon Richards, Carlisle Racecourse
Sir Kyffin Williams, The Royal Cambrian Academy
Sir Denis Rooke, Loughborough University
John Monckton, The Knights of Malta
John Chichester Constable, Burton Constable Hall
Anthony Berry, Berry Brothers Wine Merchants
Henry Hoare for C. Hoare & Co., London