Leading British romantic painter

Hugo Grenville is a painter of colour, light and pattern and inspired by his love of Bonnard, Matisse and Heron. He is an artist whose work is steeped in timeless romance and English life.

A painter in the English Romantic tradition, Hugo Grenville creates a symphony of colour and pattern in his light-filled canvases. His interiors beckon the observer to wander among the chairs and little tables, sniff the abundant flowers and gaze through the window to gardens beyond  ~  a haven that we all dream of escaping to from time to time!  Immediate effect apart, there is a lifetime of skill and subtlety in all Hugo’s compositions.  His mastery of mark making and command of colour and tone have earned him renown in both Britain and the USA where he regularly exhibits.

Short listed for the Threadneedle Prize in 2013.