Charles Jamieson’s paintings are diverse in subject matter and he is equally comfortable painting still life, landscape, marine, or architectural subjects. He travels widely, capturing the essence of his locations in his pared back landscapes. On returning to the UK Charles established a career in the Arts. Over the years he has acted in theatre productions, television and film, but painting remains his true love.

"Ever since my parents dragged me around Europe as a child I have loved to travel.
My idea of heaven is to be somewhere hot in the middle of the day with a sketchbook and a camera, collecting images to take back to my studio. Once there I lose myself in the memory of those moments. Painting the heat and light is hugely important to me. Strong colours are so satisfying to work with. I try to find moments of strong colour in all the works. I also pursue an avenue of painting involving still life, often flowers with an exotic textile, or a made-up series of images mixing still life with seascape."

Recent Solo and 2 or 3 Person Exhibitions
2018  Observing Life, Thompson's Galleries, London and Aldeburgh
2018  Red Rag Gallery, Bath
2016  Doubtfire Gallery, Edinburgh
2015  The Jerram Gallery, Sherborne
2014  The Brownston Gallery, Modbury, Devon
2014  Doubtfire Gallery, Edinburgh
2013  Stafford Gallery, Wimbledon
2011  Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol and Suffolk

Collections Held
Charles Jaimeson's work can be found in collections around the world including Aspect Capital, Clydebank Museum, Caledonian Breweries, Ernst & Young, Harry Enfield, John Le Carre, Keeley Hawes, Kuwait Royal Family, Lord MacFarlane and Prudential