Jane Lampard British

Self-Taught landscape painter and teacher, exhibiting with the Royal West of England Academy

Jane Lampard works in both pastels and oils, using subtle tones of paint to build up depth and atmosphere in her landscape paintings. She employs a sensitive approach, working directly from life whenever possible and drawing inspiration from the fleeting effects of the changes in the seasons, the weather and the light.

Janes says "there is so much that I want to record in the beauty of our landscape. I am particularly interested in the small farms which surround my home in south Gloucestershire, perhaps because I feel their traditional way of life is threatened. When working away from home I make frequent painting trips to Cornwall and also Tuscany and Venice where I have tutored small groups. For the past fifteen years I have had a yearly exhibition in my studio at home."

2010  Winner of the John Singer Sargent Award at the inaugural Broadway Arts Festival