Alper & Erdem Ergüler Turkish

Exceptional Iznikware from the sons of Adnan Hoca

Master Iznik artist Adnan Ergüler (Hoca or Hodja) passed away in April 2016. He had given 40 years of his life to the rebirth to the Iznik Art with his endless passion, efforts and thousands of experiments. His death was a great loss not only for his relatives and beloved ones, but also for Turkish Ceramic Art.

His two sons, Alper and Erdem, worked with him and studied his techniques. They have been working hard to advance the knowledge received from their father, by using his prescriptions (technique, material, structure etc.) and adhering to the rules of the Iznik Art.  Alper and Erdem have created an exceptional collection by adding a new forms that are compatible with the classic Iznik forms.