Alessandro Tofanelli Italian, b. 1959

Italian artist painting silent, tranquil and isolated landscapes - exploring forgotten memories and the relationship between time and memory

Alessandro Tofanelli was born in Italy in 1959. He graduated from the Institute of Art of Lucca and also attended the Academy of Art in Brea. During the late 1970’s he made illustrations for Rizzoli and Mondadori, two prominent publishers in Italy.


Investigating the relationship between time and memory, Alessandro Tofanelli creates metaphysical landscape in the form of traditional oil painting. Combining memories of forgotten places in Tuscany and his poetic imagination, Tofanelli uses fine brush strokes to create his intricate landscapes and waterscapes that combine both architecture and nature. His works are part of important public and private collections around the world. He combines painting with his work as a professional photographer, filmmaker and video-documentarist.


1975 Tofanelli won the prize "La resistenza in Lucchesia" (the painting is in the Gallery of Modern Art in Lucca) and the first prize "Concorso INA - Touring" at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence.
1984 he won the "Giotto d'Oro" prize
1987 he won the "Onda Verde" prize in Florence and the international "Ibla Mediterraneo" prize.



2019 Galleria Gagliardi San Gimignano mostra personale “Il Tempo Che Ci Vuole”
2019 Ransom Gallery - London
2018 Galleria Barnadas – Barcelona
2018 La Brilla – Massarosa (Lucca)
2018 Galleria Gagliardi – San Gimignano
2017 Galleria TRAshART– Vienna
2017 Galleria Orler - Punta Ala (Grosseto)
2016 Palazzo della Fondazione Banca del Monte – Lucca
2016 Galleria Orler - Punta Ala (Grosseto)
2016 Ransom Gallery – London
2015 Forme e colori - Bossolasco (Cuneo)
2015 Galleria Orler - Punta Ala (Grosseto)
2015 Studio 10 - S. Martino dall’Argine (Mantova)
2014 Galleria Orizzonti Arte contemporanea – Ostuni
2014 Galleria TRAshART– Vienna
2013 Centro espositivo San Michele degli Scalzi – Pisa
2013 Galleria Barnadas – Barcelona
2012 Palazzo della Fondazione Banca del Monte – Lucca
2011 Palazzo del Ridotto - Cesena
2011 Albemarle Gallery - London
2011 Palazzo del Ridotto - Cesena
2010 Galleria Orizzonti Arte - Bari
2009 Albemarle Gallery - London
2009 Galleria Stefano Forni - Bologna