French painter Thierry de Gorostarzu's canvases are bathed in light and a poetic invitation to reminisce

A beautiful interior, a window open on the sea. You are in front of a painting by Thierry de Gorostarzu. Have you seen the light? It is so bright that if you stay a moment in front of the canvas, you can feel the warmth. Venice, Cap Ferret, the Amalfi Coast... everywhere, the sea. It is on a beach that the Basque painter began to paint. On the sand, facing the sea, Thierry first placed his easel.


Thierry began his artistic adventure late, first setting foot into a studio at the age of 37 to study live model drawing classes. A few years later, he approached oil painting and his talent was very quickly recognised with his first exhibition in 2004 at Saint-Lunaire, Brittany.


Since then, Thierry has attracted a wide following of collectors throughout Europe and recently held his first show in Lebanon. "Beirut, I have no doubt, will only prolong and enrich my obsession with better understanding light" stated Thierry.


Solo Exhibitions
2018 Galerie Cheriff Tabet, Beirut, Lebanon
2016 Galerie de L'Europe, Paris
2004 Saint-Lunaire, Brittany