Marcel Mouly French, 1918-2008

“I like Picasso for form and drawing and Braque for rhythm, but Matisse remains my spiritual father” Mouly

Marcel Mouly was born in Paris on 6th February 1918 and was a French painter and printmaker.

His work is light in hue and subject, allowing the viewer to take a step back and enjoy the aesthetic pleasures in life. His organic, feminine shapes, scenes of harbours, and romantic still life compositions are created with elegant brushstrokes and subtle blending.

Mouly's style was influenced by the deep, bold colours typically used in Matisse's fauvist works, and by the cubism of Picasso. "His art is pure and direct in its message," said art historian and writer Joseph Jacobs. "It is an art about beauty and life, and art roots firmly planted in the School of Paris. Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Rouault, Vlaminck, Chagall, Vuillard and Dufy are his patrimony, and he has carried their mantel with unflagging dedication."

Marcel Mouly's work has been exhibited all over the world, including in the permanent collections of more than 20 museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art in Japan, the Museum of Geneva, the Museum of Modern Art in Helsinki, and Paris' Bibliotheque Nationale.

1991 Farnand Cozmon Award, Taylor Foundation
1988 Golden Pallet of the Isle Adam
1988 Farey Nibalt Prize, Taylor Foundation
1983 First Prize in Painting of the Isle Adam
1980 Grand Prix of the Xe Arrondissement, Paris
1974 Artistic Cultural Merit Chevalier of the Artistic Cultural Merit
1957 Chevalier de L'Orde des Arts et Lettres
1973 Premier Prix de Lithographie

2007 National Fine Art Canada
2006 Opera Gallery, Paris
2005 Chok Som Bo Kum Pao Gallery, Guangzhou
2000 Galerie du Chateau, Noirmoutier, France
2000 Park West Gallery, Michigan
1999 Galerie Nolan Ranking, Houston, Texas with Pierre Mouly
1999 University Museum, Carbondale, Illinois with Pierre Mouly
1999 Opera Gallery, Paris
1998 Philipps Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
1997 Le Domaine Perdu Galerie Meyral Perigerd with his son Pierre, a sculptor
1997 Park West Gallery, Michigan
1997 Kwai Fung Hip Gallery, Hong Kong
1996 Musee de Changhai, China
1990 Atelier Gourdon, Palm Springs