Studied at The Royal College of Art with fellow student David Hockney

Michael Kidd says he tends to 'think in terms of numbers'. He is fascinated by 'patterns and mathematics, the poetry of the indecipherable'. Kidd's modern art shows his characteristic pleasure with what he calls 'playing with different perspectives - giving the illusion of the reality, and keeping it simple'.

Whilst, of course, Michael's work is defiantly uniquely his own, perhaps it is the artist's fascination with Alfred Hitchcock that has laid the foundation for his work. Michael says "I love the odd and quirky feeling you get in his films, something sinister or mysterious which helps move the plot along. I quite like playing with different perspectives - it's not about perspectives, it's more about perception, which is the way you see it rather than the way it should be".


The Rona Group of Artists evolved from the RONA Gallery in Mayfair (1985-2009). During the period 1998 - 2009 Michael Kidd showed regularly with the group and had his own one man shows.

2007   Great Gardens Revisited, Rona Gallery
2006   Reflections - A Parallel World, Brian Sinfield Gallery
2005   Michael Kidd in New York, Rona Gallery
2004   Invited Artist at the Discerning Eye Exhibition
2004   Michael Kidd in New York, Rona Gallery
2003   Garden Enigmas, Brian Sinfield Gallery
2002   Chateaux of Pauillac, Rona Gallery
2000   Genius of the Palace, Rona Gallery
2001   On the Waterfront, Rona Gallery
1999   Genius of the Place, Rona Gallery
1997   English Gardens, Rona Gallery