Michael Kidd British, b. 1937

Studied at The Royal College of Art with fellow student David Hockney

Michael Kidd was born in London and studied at Wimbledon School of Art where he gained a scholarship to the Royal College of Arts in the late 1950s. Fellow pupils included the now-renowned film director. In 1966 Michael Kidd moved to New York to work as a creative director. Following his return to the UK he began directing T.V. and Cinema commercials in Europe, America and the UK and undertaking work for British Airways, Coca Cola, Lloyds and Barclays Bank, Ford Motor Company and won many awards.

Michael returned to painting from 1981, in between film shoots. Slowly painting became more important to him and more people started to buy his modern art. As a result he eventually gave up directing to become a full-time artist.

His first one man exhibition was held at the Rona Gallery in Mayfair in 1997. Since then Michael has devoted all his time to painting. All of Michael's work shows a strong imaginative streak, quirky at times, surreal at others. His paintings are highly distinctive and possess an unworldly quality with a playful sense of mystery, occasionally bordering on the abstract. Michael has become appreciated for his ability to evoke the sometimes disquieting essence of a particular place. He tends to work on themes - gardens, chateaux, coastal, cities, whatever subject holds his interest.