David Rycroft British, b. 1969

"Spaciousness, balance, natural vitality and an appreciation of present-moment awareness"

For twenty years, David Rycroft has been developing an innovative technique that brings together some key artistic principles — naturalness, vitality, spontaneity and precision. The fruition of this exploration is found in his recent paintings where he combines the dynamic spaciousness of his ‘unpainted pictures’ with fluent brush-marks depicting elements from the experienced world.

"I have followed David Rycroft's work with interest over the last fifteen years, from its origins in life drawing, through abstraction, to its present concern with space and colour. The works in this recent series are the product of a technical breakthrough, which has unlimited potential. Whether their imagery suggests landscape or other forms, these 'unpainted' pictures - unpainted in the sense that the artist, instead of using a brush, drags the support over the medium - evoke a cosmic dimension, which is truly liberating."
Richard Calvocoressi, Director Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 1987-2007

Selected Exhibitions
2015  Galerie de l'Ancien Courrier, Montpellier, Byard Art, Cambridge
2014  Galerie de l'Ancien Courrier, Montpellier, Byard Art, Cambridge
2014  Prix du jury, Maison d'Europe, Montpellier
2013  Terre de Lumiere, Aperucus du Reel, Galerie Metanoia, Paris
2012  L'Atelier, Montpellier, Villa Mauresque, St. Raphael
2011  UNESCO, Paris, Lerab Ling, France
2010  Panter and Hall, London, Affordable Art Fair
2009  Carrières sur Seine, France, Byard Art, Cambridge, UK
2008  Dzogchen Beara, Ireland
2007  Spitz Gallery, London
2007  Prieuré, St. Michel de Grandmont, France
2007  Stark Gallery, Canterbury, UK
2007  Byard Art, Cambridge, UK
2006  Spitz Gallery, London, Byard Art, Cambridge, UK
2006  Maison des Relations Internationales, Montpellier, France
2005  Lodève, France
2005  Spitz Gallery, London