Richard Price ROI British, 1962-2018

"A wonderful portrayal of both light and atmosphere in Richard's oil paintings"

Richard Price sadly passed away on 15th October 2018. He was a wonderfully talented painter and teacher.

Richard was born in Upminster, Essex and at 11 years of age he started painting and drawing from observation the fishing fleet at Leigh-on-Sea. Encouraged to simply paint ‘anything’ he quickly was drawn to paint atmospheric conditions and light effects. His childhood heroes were Vic Ellis and Sheila Fairman.

He later studied at Portsmouth where he developed an interest in figure painting, interiors and portraiture. Richard then moved to London and worked as a production design lecturer at the London International Film School having had an intensive period of instruction from his mentors Peter Proud (Production Designer) and Gareth Jones. In 2001 he started to make his own images again. Encouraged by his new mentor Jon Bowen he soon resumed his painting.

Richard’s work is concerned with light and atmosphere and falls within the traditions of artists such as Turner and Walter Sickert. While some of his work was done in the studio, Richard was predominantly an ‘en plain air’ painter and most of his work was therefore painted immediately in front of his subject. The challenge of this type of work is in being able to rapidly analyse colour and tone at the same time as capturing the constantly moving drama of the environment.

The Royal Institute of Oil Painters (The ROI) from 2012

2012  Artist in Residence for Jubilee Year at the Hurlingham Club
2005  Charles Pears memorial award for best painting by a non member at the R.S.M.A.