Award-winning British figurative artist

Douglas Gray's painting style reflects his background in illustration, exhibiting the artist's solid foundations in drawing and developed narrative. The artist enjoys layering his pictures with visual complexity, like his signature window panes reflecting a strong amount of detail from the outside world over top of a figure sat within an equally detailed interior scene. Gray has become known for this incredible ability to synthesize vision, thought and emotion simultaneously into a single painted image, all the while keeping viewers guessing at the full story behind each scenario.

‘My aim is to emotionally connect with the viewer through my work’ Douglas says, ‘whether they be happy, melancholic or even sad, as human beings we all experience these timeless emotions and I hope my paintings ignite people’s imagination and evoke their own personal memories’.

Douglas’s ownership of light, atmosphere, place and visual narrative all add up to truly memorable paintings which endorse his ever growing number of collectors worldwide.


2019  "Small Wonders"
 Group exhibition, Thompsons Galleries, London

2019 Walker Galleries, Harrogate, Solo Show

2019  RSMA Mall Galleries, London

2019  Thompsons Gallery, London Solo Show

2018  Waterhouse Gallery ,Santa Barbara, California, USA

2018  RSMA Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

2018  Thompsons Gallery London "Metropolis"

2017  Walker Galleries, Harrogate, Solo Show

2017  Thompson's Gallery, Seymour Place, London (2 man show)

2016  Douglas Gray Fine Art The Gallery Yorkshire Wolds  SOLO SHOW 

2015  Chickabee Art Galleries Belgium Group show

2015  Walker Galleries Harrogate (2 man Show)

2015  RSMA Exhibition Mall Galleries London

2015  Morren Gallery, Amsterdam

2015  Galerie Anagama, Versailles. Paris (2 man show)

2015  Realism Art Fair, Amsterdam

2014  Thompson's Gallery, London, Solo Show

2014  RSMA,  London

2013  RSMA, London

2013  Thompsons Gallery, London, Group Show

2012  Whittington Fine Art ,Henley-on-Thames

2012  RSMA, London

2011  John Noott Gallery, Broadway 

2011  W H Patterson, London, 'Venice in Peril'

2010  RSMA, London

2010  John Noott Gallery, Broadway - Solo Show

2010  Oakham Contemporary, London - 'The Figurative Show'



Savoy Hotel
Lord Hague
General Electric Co
George Davies Asda Group

Fairmont Group
Lord Derwent
Universal Studios
Jackie Collins

Howard de Walden
Nat West Bank
Saatchi & Saatchi
Hodder Headline