Patrick Pietropoli French, b. 1953

Established French artist creating grand figural compositions and large-scale cityscapes of New York, Paris and Rome

Patrick Pietropoli is a self-taught contemporary French painter and sculptor who has been recognised as an established artist in France since the mid 1980s. He is most notable for his extremely detailed, large-scale cityscapes paintings and street scenes along with figural compositions and delicate nudes. He is also well known for his work on mid-relief sculpture.


Patrick paints the carefully articulated architecture of New York, Paris, Rome and Venice as well as the intimate portrayal of the feminine figure, always finding a perfect balance between freedom and form.

“My work is about drawing and painting, I mean there is no border between them, they are most of the time together coexisting in the final canvas. I of course start the work with drawing, but it doesn’t mean it will not reappear at the final step, on the top of the paint layers.”


In 2008 Patrick moved to New York City and is represented by leading US galleries in Boston, Miami and New York, as well as being represented in his native France by galleries in Honfleur and Paris.