Great British Painters, Capturing Colour & Light: A celebration of our leading contemporary artists

17 Jan - 17 Feb 2022

Floren is pleased to present a carefully curated selection of original works by established living British artists, many of whom are members of recognised societies, such as the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

There are works at all price points and whether you are a seasoned collector, or just starting an art collection, this is an opportunity to view the finest contemporary British art from very gifted painters.


Gallery owner Neil Sherring combines his love of art and interiors (he trained at Inchbald in London), which he feels go hand in hand and each piece has been personally selected by him. Works can be viewed at his home in Dorset, helping to make visitors immediately at ease with the paintings and able to imaginatively picture them in their own houses. The welcoming feeling of a furnished house can be so much more appealing than the white walls of a minimalistic gallery!


Choosing art should be a fun experience and buying an artwork should not be daunting or imtimidating. The team at Floren will happily offer help and friendly advice if required and we also offer to loan works for a few days so that you can sit with a piece in your home, ensuring that you are entirely happy before you buy.


Please take pleasure in viewing works by the following artists:


Peter Wileman: Known for his dazzling abstracted oil landscapes, he deploys a masterful understanding of light and atmosphere.


Nicholas Verrall: Like his heroes: Monet, Vuillard and Pierre Bonnard, he pursues light. ‘I am fascinated by the way that a certain quality of light can radically alter the character and impact of a subject and make it something unique’.


Bruce Yardley: One of the UK’s foremost painters of modern impressionist works. His paintings of some of Europe’s most beautiful cities show the magical effects of light, colour and spatial harmony.


Alex Russell Flint: Classical technique and ability to build a powerful narrative into his paintings has made him one of the world’s most sought-after young artists. Alex is represented by Arcadia Contemporary Gallery in Soho, New York and is the great-grandson of artist, Sir William Russell Flint.


Richard Price: Was a Dorset-based member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters who also exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal College of Art. His gift was an ability to assess colour; its temperature and tone while working within the inevitable confines of time.

Michael Alford: A British figurative artist known for an expressive painting style that fuses classical technique with a modern sensibility. He lives and works in London.

Anthony Bridge: Artist in residence with the National Trust; a self-taught painter who captures the beauty, energy and colour of the Malverns.

Fred Cuming: One of the finest landscape painters of his generation - obsessed with capturing colour & light and still painting at the age of 91!

Hugo Grenville: A Leading British romantic painter of colour, light and pattern and inspired by his love of Bonnard, Matisse and Heron. He is an artist whose work is steeped in timeless romance and English life.

Paul Hedley: Successfully capturing a fleeting moment of time and the associated feeling, Paul prefers to create his art work in natural light, using sketches and photographs.

Ken Howard: For over 60 years, Ken has been one of the UK’s most respected painters and is well known for his paintings of London, Cornwall and Venice.

Geoffrey Humphries: A renowned British figurative painter living and working in Venice and Ross on Wye. He has established an international reputation as a master of painting, particularly portraiture in oils and watercolours.

Charles Jamieson: Respected contemporary landscape artist influenced by The Scottish Colourists. His paintings are very distinctive, intelligent compositions with a particularly crisp use of colour, light and shade.

Jack Morrocco: Highly collectable Scottish artist with a rich artistic heritage. The objects in his paintings often show a variety of tones, highlights and reflected surfaces. His paintings are shown in a very life like style of work and they show visible textural brushstrokes.

Alice Mumford: First and foremost a colourist, her eye is keenly attuned to the physical and sensory effects of colour, its chromatic variations and interactions, and to the ways in which the eye navigates and makes sense of both objects and space.

Edward Noott: Preferring to work in oils, with an extensive choice of subject matter, Edward paints outdoors in the tradition of the British and French Impressionists - en plein air, directly recording and capturing the essence of the scene.

David Rycroft: For twenty years, David has been developing an innovative technique that brings together some key artistic principles - naturalness, vitality, spontaneity and precision.

Jenny Wheatley: Distinctive artist working in both oils and watercolours who employs colour emotively to convey her response to places and events.