Award-winning painter and printmaker

As a child Heidi Koenig was introduced to printing through her grandfather, she was fascinated with the various printing techniques and all the different tools that he used. Today, Heidi works on her prints in a very spontaneous way, using the etching plate as a drawing board. It is manipulated by adding to the surface, using materials such as carborundum. She will then hand colour every print with many of the key details being added after they have been through the press.

"When I begin a piece I do not always have a conscious idea of how I want it to look. Each piece evolves as I paint, and the process of painting transports me back to the place I was inspired by, bringing back the visual and sensory information I absorbed.

I usually start with a very thin wash of acrylic and apply some textured gel to add depth. I then paint with oils, using brushes, palette knifes, rags, sticks and anything else like washing up brushes to achieve different marks. My process is quite dynamic, often removing a mark straight after applying it.

In my studio, my workspace is a glass-topped workbench, which after a day's work is always covered in colours I have mixed, brushes and pallet knives. I always paint more than one painting at the same time, letting the paint dry on one and working on another, before continuing the next stage on the first.

Working intuitively, I am forever altering and changing the framework within which I work, using colour to be spontaneous and strike out in new directions.

I build up each painting in layers, which can take days or weeks. Often, the hardest part is deciding when a work is finished and when it needs to be pushed, sometimes beyond the point of success".

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2019   The Presence of the Past - exhibition at Brook Gallery
2014   Without Boundaries - painting show at Brook Gallery
2009   Heidi Koenig at the Dutchy Square Centre, Princetown
2007   Show at Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw, London
2006   Viewpoint Gallery, Monoprints
2006  Plymouth College of Art and Design
2003  Inspires Gallery, Oxford
2003  CCA Galleries, London

Selected Exhibitions and Group Shows
London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy
Cheltenham Art Fair
Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

London Original Print Fair
Fresh Art Fair Cheltenham

Fifty Years at the Wagon Yard
New Ashgate Gallery
Wetpaint Exhibition
Abstract Views

RA Print Fair
Heidi Koenig and Simon Ripley, Brook Gallery
Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead Heath

RA Print Fair
Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
Summer Show at Byard, Cambridge

Innocent Fine Art - Heidi Koenig, Andrew Hood and Elaine Jones
Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
Print Fair, Royal Academy
Heidi Koenig @ Victoria Stewart Gallery, Plymouth
Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead Heath

Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead Heath
Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries - Selected Artist
London Original Print Fair
Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
Affordable Art Fair, Milan

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead Heath
Affordable Art Fair, Milan
Art 2011, London
Spellbound - Amanda Pellatt and Heidi Koenig, Dutchy Centre of Creativity, Princetown
Printed 2011, Blackheath Gallery, London

Affordable Art Fair, London
Peter Blake and Heidi Koenig Summer Show, Brook Gallery, Devon
Christmas Show at Wetpaint Gallery, Cirencester

Spring Wind 2009 Art Front Exhibition, Hillside Forum, Tokyo
Autumn Exhibition - Wetpaint Gallery, Cirencester
Autumn Show at Limekiln Gallery, Calstock
Brownston Gallery, Modbury
Hybrid Gallery, Honiton
Affordable Art Fair, London

Brownston Gallery, Modbury
Affordable Art Fair, London
British Contemporary Art Exhibition Touring Group Exhibition, Japan

Brownston Gallery, Modbury
Rostra Gallery, Bath
Art 2007, Business and Design Centre, London
The Affordable Art Fair, Bristol
Terracina Gallery Summer Show, Exeter
Original Print, London

Art 2006, Business and Design Centre, London
Affordable Art Fair, London
Terracina Gallery Summer Show, Exeter
Modbury Summer Exhibition

Heidi Koenig & Sir Peter Blake, Spring Exhibition, Brook Gallery
Small Originals, Gallery 22, Ashburton
Art 2005, Business and Design Centre, London
Summer Show, Oxford
Art Fair, Cannes
Art Exhibition, Dubai

Originals 04, Mall Galleries, London
Affordable Art fair, London
Inspires Gallery, Oxford - two-person show

Art 2003, Business and Design Centre, London
Affordable Art Fair, New York

Art Expo, New York
Castle Galleries, Inverness

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

Work in Public and Corporate Collections:
Sony Corporation, Bank of England, Cromwell Hospital, University of Hull, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, Pizza Express, Healy and Baker, British Telecom, Ejiri Hospital, Tokyo, The Arts Council, Brunel University, Cinesite, John Lewis PLC, Mercedes Benz, Standard Chartered Bank, Isle of Man Arts Council, Landmark PLC Collection. Heidi's work is also included in numerous private collections.